LANAP® Laser Treatment

LANAP®, performed by Dr. Mark I. Gutt, is an excellent gum disease treatment option. Gum disease has become quite common and affects millions of Americans. Meanwhile, new research has linked gum disease to heart disease, ischemic stroke, respiratory disease, and diabetes. Many do not realize that they have gum disease, as they are unfamiliar with the symptoms.

Dr. Mark I. Gutt LANAP Laser Treatment, Miami, Advanced Periodontist

Signs That Indicate the Need for Gum Disease Treatment

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • Loose teeth
  • Bite changes
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gums

If you are experiencing these symptoms, contact Dr. Gutt to discuss gum disease treatment options. In its earliest stage, gum disease is reversible without aggressive gum disease treatment. Dr. Gutt can advise you of your treatment options.

During the gum disease treatment, Dr. Gutt uses a pulsed laser to target and remove bacteria and diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. There are no scalpels or sutures associated with this procedure. Dr. Gutt uses a laser to create a clotting effect for minimal bleeding and presses the gum tissue to the tooth surface to enable proper healing. LANAP® actually stimulates regeneration of connective tissue and bone. There is very little discomfort or downtime with this gum disease treatment and no contraindications. The procedure is safe for patients who take medication.

LANAP® has a proven success rate. In fact, many patients who were not a candidate for traditional surgical gum disease treatment were told by their periodontist that they could undergo LANAP® as it is considered minimally invasive. The shorter procedure times and recovery times lessen the impact of having gum disease treatment administered by your periodontist. LANAP® has many advantages over traditional surgical gum disease treatment. The LANAP® protocol is FDA cleared and a safe, effective gum disease treatment.

Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

Dr. Mark I. Gutt LANAP Laser Treatment, miami, advanced periodontics,

When you need gum disease treatment, you visit a periodontist. Periodontists specialize in the prevention and treatment of periodontal or gum disease. Gum disease progresses in stages. Throughout these stages, there are many options available for gum disease treatment.

Stages of Gum Disease

  • Gingivitis is the milder form of periodontal disease which causes an inflammation of the gums. This stage is easily reversed and is a result of plaque buildup.
  • Without any gum disease treatment, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis. The gums loosen and form pockets around the teeth, creating a home for bacteria and plaque. Gums will begin to recede and without gum disease treatment by Dr. Gutt, the gum disease will worsen resulting in tooth loss.
  • Advanced periodontitis is the final stage. Bacteria has spread and wreaked havoc upon the bone and tissue that support teeth, creating an environment where teeth loosen or shift. Gum disease treatment must be provided by Dr. Gutt in order to save the patient’s teeth and bone. 

With this laser protocol, Dr. Gutt does not use any scalpels or sutures as are needed in traditional surgery.  

Patients find that the gum disease treatment causes little bleeding and minimal discomfort. Any pain is managed with a simple over-the-counter medication. Dr. Gutt finds that healing times are much faster with this gum disease treatment than when compared with traditional surgery.

Frequently Asked Laser Questions

Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami, Oral Health Care, Mark I. Gutt, DMD
How Do Lasers Work in Dentistry?

All lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. When used for surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with. When used for “curing” a filling, the laser helps to strengthen the bond between the filling and the tooth. When used in teeth whitening procedures, the laser acts as a heat source and enhances the effect of tooth beaching agents.

Why do you use the PerioLase® MVP-7™?

The PerioLase® MVP-7™is the only laser that is FDA cleared and has human histology research supporting its claims for the treatment of gum disease. This laser is also extremely selective in the tissue that it removes.

Is there less pain involved with laser procedures?

Typically there is much less pain, discomfort, and bleeding involved in laser dentistry. LANAP® is a prime example. Instead of having traditional gum surgery Dr. Gutt is able to treat your gums with the laser without all of the cutting and sutures that were previously needed. The laser allows Dr. Gutt to eliminate the bacteria and diseased tissue without harming the healthy tissue. The result is less pain, less recession, and less discomfort!

Is laser dentistry more expensive?

In most cases laser dentistry is about the same or perhaps a bit more expensive. Most doctors have a laser because it provides a better experience for the patient or it is a necessary tool for a procedure that they cannot do without a laser. All fees can be different from dentist to dentist. In most cases the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Are dental lasers safe?

If the dental laser is used according to accepted practices by a trained practitioner, then it is at least as safe as other dental instruments. However, just as you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the sun, when your dentist performs a laser procedure, you will be asked to wear special eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the laser.

How can I be sure my dentist is properly trained to use a laser?

Ask Dr. Gutt questions about the extent of his laser education and training. Make sure that your dentist has participated in educational courses and received training by the manufacturer. Many dental schools, dental associations, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) offer dental laser education. The ALD is the profession’s independent source for current dental laser education and credentialing.

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Dr. Mark I. Gutt Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami, Oral Health Care
Dr. Mark I. Gutt, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami,
Dr. Mark I. Gutt, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami, Oral Health Care
Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami, Oral Health Care
Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Miami, Oral Health Care

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